Eastbourne & Ram has been at the centre of local motor sport for more than 50 year's. Originally as two separate organisations - Eastbourne & District MC and Ram MC, until the 1970s when the clubs amalgamated.

We are one of the only MSA-affiliated motorsports club in East Sussex and draw our membership from all over the south east. If you're interested in motorsport and want to get involved, why not join us. 

All of our events are based around production cars meaning you can happily compete in the car you would normally drive to work!  Our events are held on either smooth grassy fields or the public road so no specialist equipment is necessary and any car can happily compete.  

Contact us to find out more at ermccontact@aol.com or for the latest news see our facebook page.  



The latest edition of the Conrod is now available, click here 

07 October - Autumn Autotest - Regulations and entries for our last autotest of the season are now available. click here for more info.  

19 October - Rod Wray 12 Car - Regulations for the Rod Wray 12 Car series are now available, click here for more info. 


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