12 Car

What is it? 

A 12 Car is a type of navigational rally. It involves the driver and navigator negotiating a pre-set route and recording marker boards as they go. These events are usually held on a Sunday evening on country lanes and provide great fun.

Events are split into two categories, novice competitors get a marked map while the Experts get a route note which they must plot as they go along.

What do I need? 

The events are run on the public road so a fully MOT'd, taxed and insured car is a must. Other than that all you need is the relevant OS map, a couple of pens and a friend to navigate/ drive.

What does it cost? 

Event costs vary depending on the organising club but our events are great value at £10. The entry fee is payable at the event.

When's the next event? 

12 car events are typically held over the winter months.  See the events calendar for the date of our next rally. 

How Do I Enter? 

You can enter online or by post.  Details will be available on the dedicated page nearer the time of the event.