Regularity Rally

What is it?

A regularity rally is a type of navigational rally. The aim of the event is to plot a route based on a set of instructions handed out at the start. Competitors need to maintain a precise speed to ensure they reach the next checkpoint at the specified time. Our events are usually run on a Sunday morning in the Spring/ Summer. Events are split into two categories, novice competitors and Experts.


What do I need?

The events are run on the public road so a fully MOT'd, taxed and insured car is a must. Other than that all you need is the relevant OS map, a couple of pens and a friend to navigate/ drive.

What does it cost?

Event costs vary depending on the organising club but our events are great value at £10. The entry fee is payable at the event.

When's the next event?

Please see the Events Calendar for details of our next event.

How Do I Enter?

Details will be published closer to the event date.