Eastbourne & Ram has been at the centre of local motor sport for more than 50 year's originally as two separate organisations - Eastbourne & District MC and Ram MC, until the 1970s when the clubs amalgamated.

Eastbourne & Ram Motor Club is based at Langney Sports Club in Priory Lane, Eastbourne. Eastbourne & Ram is affiliated to the Motor Sports Association, the governing body for motorsport in England. This allows our members to take part in all forms of motorsport and also to marshal at events.

We offer a wide variety of competitive events for members from road rallies to autotests and trials. Many of the events are split depending on experience or car type, so you will always be competing against someone at a similar level. There's something for everyone. It doesn't have to be expensive and the majority of our events can be done in standard road cars.

For example, we run a series of 12-car rallies on Sunday evenings between October and March. The entry fee for these is only around £10.00. Similarly with our summer autotest series. We hold four rounds on every other Friday evening starting in June. Again the entry fee is only around £10.00 and, as the tests are run on smooth, non-damaging grass, you can easily use your road car. These are just a few examples of the type of events we run. There are many more.

At the end of the year, the awards and trophies are handed out at our annual Dinner Dance at the Hydro Hotel in Eastbourne. Why not join us and find out just how much fun it can be? Use the navigation bars at the top of the page and check out what we get up to.